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Small businesses rock!

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

I had a marketing company reach out to me with a blind solicitation on Linkedin a few weeks ago. I nearly always ignore these messages, because I can tell they are generic messages, and the people did no due diligence on what KPI Forge actually does. That equates to an automatic delete! However, there was something about this message that intrigued me. It was thoughtful, it hit right to the point, and I could tell it came from someone that actually cared. It was a small marketing business that focused entirely on helping build strategic partnerships between companies. A great idea and concept! If you wonder about this company, head over to and find out more!

I won’t give a complete synopsis of what they did for us, but they helped start some conversations with other company leaders that may be working with, or guiding small businesses all around the world. The same size and type of businesses that we like to work with and build KPI’s for. The work they have done with us has been great! More importantly, the conversations that I have had with other industry specialists and business owners have been amazing.

It’s been quite a wonderful month of discussions with virtual and fractional CIO’s, CFO’s and IT Leaders. More importantly, I have LEARNED some amazing things about vertical markets I would never have thought existed! Just listening to these other small business owners and leaders was incredibly insightful. We have some great projects going on here at KPI Forge, and a lot of times we are heads down working on data models, dashboards, and data automation. Taking time to learn new insights was refreshing.

The moral of the BLOG post today is this. You’re never too old to learn, never too experienced to listen to another idea, and sometimes you need to stop what you’re doing and get outside your bubble. Build your knowledge, and build your network! We look forward to more of these conversations, and strategic partnerships. I hope you all do the same!

As always, we would love to help your company with your data. Let’s talk and learn together!

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