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Listen, Listen, Listen!

I was on a recent trip with close friends. One of our group members was retired after running a highly successful home improvement company for 30+ years. We were discussing business in general, and I was sharing stories of some of the prospects we have been working with lately. The stories I was sharing were repetitive. Prospect after prospect were all telling us of failed BI projects. Nearly all were due to vendors trying to come in and sell “canned” packages to solve their problems. Out of all these failed projects, none of the vendors truly LISTENED to what the customer needed. In the end, these all ended up as failed projects costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

My friend that ran his home improvement company told the exact same stories. The reason he was so successful selling sunrooms, kitchen remodels, and bathrooms was because they never went in with any preconceived ideas on what the solution was going to be. They listened, understood what the customer really wanted, then proposed a solution. If they could not provide a solution, they would offer the best guidance to achieve what was needed. This is a time-honored way to succeed. One size does not fit all, and we lead with this in mind!

Of the hundreds of projects we have been a part of over the years, the top 3 things that have always led to success are:

  1. Listen to understand, not to reply.

  2. Make sure you have the right people in the conversation.

  3. Never limit yourself to one solution path. Leave EVERY option and idea on the table.

There are many more we could add here, but we’ll limit this to “the power of 3”.

As always, we would love to discuss your data. Understanding your problems, and providing solutions is our happy place!

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