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KPI Forge Announces A New Fully Open Source BI Stack

At KPI Forge we have always provided technology agnostic solution consulting, services, and guidance. We pride ourselves in having experience in just about every platform in existence. Whether it has been cloud native, on-premise, or hybrid cloud, we’ve seen it all, and done it all! However, if you have been a subscriber to our BLOG, and have kept a keen eye on the other folks we interact with, Open Source solutions have always been our love!

Unfortunately, with the recent announcements from Talend, as well as Hitachi, to stop providing their community edition packages, there are few options to have a ready-build platform that is completely open source! Booo!

Your wait is about over!

In July of 2024, KPI forge will release an Amazon AMI that will encompass all the technology you need for a full BI stack. Our first release will consist of a single AMI that will be usable as a great Proof Of Concept (POC) platform to utilize some of the best-of-breed tools in one offering. Our initial AMI will contain the following.

1. Apache Hop 2.9.0

2. OpenJDK 17

3. Apache Superset 4.0.1

4. PostgreSQL V15

This technology stack will provide you with everything needed to ingest, process, model, and build incredibly rich, and scalable BI solution.

KPI Forge will provide this AMI free of charge so you can have a full running stack of these tools in a matter of minutes. As with many other successful companies in the past, KPI forge will offer packaged services and support if you wish to pursue this technology further. With any services and consulting contracts we earn with this offering, we will be donating a percentage of revenue to each of these Apache project teams.

Our initial AMI’s will be built using Hashicorp Packer, and we will provide AMI’s for Ubuntu, Amazon Linux, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Do you have any other suggestions for this stack? Please let us know what else you would like to see! Click below to get started, or reach out to us on X or LinkedIn!

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